Montlick AssociatesThe law firm of Montlick & Associates has long devoted itself to helping people who have suffered injury or death. The Firm helps those whose injuries have come about as a result of another’s negligence. The firm is known for only representing individuals and their families. By contrast, the firm never represents insurance companies, corporations or government agencies and entities.

Founded in 1984, the law firm has successfully handled thousands of cases to date. They have helped many injured persons receive the compensation that they are due. Since the beginning, the firm has intentionally limited itself to personal injury representation. Their philosophy is simple: By focusing on one type of law, they can ensure they do that one area well.

Read on to learn more about this esteemed Georgia firm. Meet the team, hear what the clients have to say, and find out what makes this practice unique.

About the Firm 

The Montlick & Associates family is a large and diverse one. The firm has over thirty lawyers total, with a dozen more who are affiliated with the practice. The firm also has a strong team of service-minded professionals. Their role is to ensure that clients receive professional, prompt, friendly, and kind assistance.

The firm was founded by David R. Montlick, in 1984. His goal from the beginning was to develop a service-oriented and innovative personal injury law firm—the most people-friendly firm in Georgia. His watchwords from the beginning were compassion, reliability, and personal attention. The firm maintains those values to this day.

Montlick & Associates was structured and managed in a way that would help ensure maximum client satisfaction. Specifically, the firm seeks to avoid the kinds of complaints that typically hound personal injury firms. To give just one example, the firm is run in a way that ensure lawyers work closely with their support staff and clients, and they’re regularly in touch with clients and that client calls are promptly returned.

Areas of Practice 

Naturally, “personal injury” is a term that encompasses much. What kinds of cases, precisely, does this firm take on? They have numerous practice areas; here is just a brief overview of them.

The firm offers legal services for many kinds of auto accident cases. These auto accident cases include:

  • Car accidents, bus accidents, and bicycle accidents
  •  Truck accident and tractor trailer accidents
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Accidents involving pedestrians
  • SUV and truck rollovers, as well as related cases of PTSD

In addition to auto-related practice areas, Montlick & Associates has a department that handles Workers’ Compensation and Job Injury claims

In addition to these practice areas, the firm also handles medical malpractice suits. A few relevant examples include:

  • Pharmacy malpractice
  • A failure to diagnose properly
  • Abuse cases in nursing homes
  • Birth injuries to children
  • Surgery mistakes

The firm offers numerous other practice areas as well. Here is a partial list:

  • Dog and animal bites
  • Drug injuries and drug reactions
  • Firearm injuries
  • False imprisonment or false arrest
  • Harassment in the workplace

The bottom line is that the firm seeks to represent anyone who has received injury—or the family members of those injured.

Montlick & Associates Reviews: What Do Clients Say? 

Because the firm is devoted to helping individuals, it should come as no surprise that many of their clients are grateful. Indeed, there are many positive Montlick & Associates reviews that showcase the company’s good standing among clients. Below are just a few of them.

One client emphasizes the firm’s compassionate spirit: “Montlick & Associates is professional and also warm and caring. I feel like they have my needs at heart. I feel that my cases are being handled very well.”

Another client agrees, saying this: “You have done a superior job. You have gone way above and beyond the call of duty, and I just want to let you know that you are one helluva law firm. And your legal assistant is wonderful, too! She has just been great, answering my questions, and all that kind of stuff.”

One final client summarizes the firm’s merits succinctly. This client says, “Every aspect of my case has been handled with great care and concern from my attorney. Don’t change anything, stay just the way you are.”

This is a law firm that puts individuals first. Having said that, it is also a firm that believes in community service. Read on to learn how the firm puts their values into practice, throughout Georgia and the nation more broadly.

Montlick & Associates in the Community

One way in which the firm shows it cares is through its commitment to sharing family safety tips to help families prevent injuries. Every week the practice offers two-minute safety advice segments. These come from the ABC newsroom in Atlanta, and feature the firm’s Family Safety Advocate Jacquie Palisi. Research shows that most accidents are preventable—and this firm is passionate for showing individuals how to avoid injuries.

Standing Up to Bullies 

Another source of community service comes in the firm’s stand against bullying. The firm is a founding sponsor of a national anti-bullying campaign. This campaign, A4K, the Ambassador for Kids Club, seeks to protect our children from the threat of bullies. The firm has proven integral in producing PSAs, online resources, provided the funding for the program to be taught to thousands of kids in Georgia schools, and more.

Their stance against bullying is resolute—but it’s far from the only way the firm serves members of the community.

Supporting Our Troops 

Another area to mention is the firm’s staunch support of United States soldiers—including veterans. The firm has shown its support of our troops in numerous ways. A few of these examples include TV messages (over 300 have been produced) and contests devoted to honoring the military. In fact, the Atlanta chapter of the Association of the United States Army dubbed this firm the Most Patriotic Business of 2011, and the Firm’s CEO David Montlick Received the Patriotism Award for the southeast in 2012!

Those are major honors—and just one further example of how Montlick & Associates cares. You can see it in the way these attorneys fight for the individual, and you can see it in their spirit of community service. Montlick & Associates is a firm that seeks to help those who need it, in whatever way they can. That’s why Montlick & Associates stands proud as one of Georgia’s most distinguished personal injury firms.

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Patrice G

Oct 10, 2012 by Does so much to help people!

Montlick & Associates does so much to help them commonly! I attended one of their first safety events in the late 1980's, and still benefit from all of the safety information they regularly put out there to help families prevent injuries. I watch them providing safety tips on the noon news on WSB-TV in Atlanta every week. And I am very touched by all that they do to help our nations servicemen and women. I have never seen any business do as much for the community I recently called their office to tell them, and was so impressed by the way I was treated. You don't find many people like this anymore, who give so much to others.

Patrice K

Jun 08, 2012 by Outstanding attorneys and staff !

The Attorney and her assistant are always so friendly to me and are genuine with their concerns. I am very pleased with the services that Montlick & Associates are providing for my auto accident and workers compensation case.

5.0 5.0 2 2 Montlick & Associates does so much to help them commonly! I attended one of their first safety events in the late 1980's, and still benefit from all of the safety information they Montlick & Associates
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